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The Macula is a missing layer for IPFS with built-in features like API authentication, on-the-fly image processing, secure file storage, and hosting for modern SPA or statically built websites. Macula App enables users to encrypt and decrypt files using the Substrate-based accounts and store them on the IPFS.

šŸ—ļø The current set of features:

  • Authenticated APIs using
    • API key strategy
    • web3 substrate-based account via Polkadot.js browser extension
  • Access to IPFS native API on
  • IPFS gateway served on
  • Website hosting with CID or a subdomain
    • hosting specific version
    • hosting subdomain
  • SPA hosting with fully working refresh and html fallback page as a subdomain
  • Statically build websites
    • if used with sveltekit Macula supported precompress feature and will serve Brotli compressed pages
  • Gzip is enabled by default and Brotli only when requested
  • highly efficient image processing based on Sharpjs via the URL search params
  • Ready-made Caddyfile with rewrites for non-docker environments
  • Ready-made docker-compose.yml with rewrites for docker environment

with Macula user can have truly versioned websites and monitor how they performed and developed.