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· 11 min read
Adriano Dalpane

Workflows generation: retrospective and performance analysis

One of Anagolay strong points is the capability to generate code by combining Operations into a Workflow, given a manifest that is plain JSON.

This task is performed by the publish service through a template that, once fed with the Workflow manifest and all the required Operation information along with their Versions, produces some Rust code that is suitable to be called from WASM or natively and is preferably no-std (all Operations involved permitting this). This is important because it makes the Workflow very versatile, in fact:

  • Rust is a widespread system language and if the Workflow is performant and supports no-std it can possibly be executed also on a Rust-based blockchain, like substrate.
  • WASM is a standard assembly format that can run in the browser, under nodejs, and potentially be integrated with other environments as well.

In the following paragraphs, I will go through the different phases of implementation of the Workflow generation, outlining the difficulties I faced and the search for performance improvements. I believe my experience could be useful for many (or at least interesting for some).