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· 12 min read
Elena Tairova
Daniel Maricic

2022 retro banner

What have we done in 2022? In two words, A LOT!

Overall highlights

  • we wrote and published Anagolay’s White Paper
  • created six custom pallets to support Anagolay’s vision
  • ran standalone testnet for 1 million blocks and 15 runtime updates without downtime
  • migrated runtime source code from standalone node to parachain node
  • rebranded 3 websites, including brand-new docs
  • published 7 blog posts, and 7 demo videos
  • built 4 web apps (svelte), including the chrome extension, aka Anagolay Wallet
  • built and released first ever image processing service built on top of IPFS
  • to support all the above, we built ~10 important libraries

The year 2022 was a year of refining the idea and finding a strong and immediately useful application of Anagolay technology. At the beginning of the year, we started with an ambitious goal of bringing a robust and scalable framework for rights management to the world.